At Home Quick Fixes and in Spa Treatments

With all the demands that wedding and grad season bring, it doesn’t help that there is one more demand – the economy. Clients are on a budget, and it is hard to expect them to come in for a series of treatments for the big day. Your clients want results, but they don’t have the same disposable income they had a year ago. So what can you do to help your clients achieve their skincare goals on a budget? Try offering shorter series of treatments and retail product treatments for home use.

Look for products that are easy to use and will provide your client with the results they are looking for. On top of that these product treatments should compliment whatever in store service you will be providing. Below are some examples of complimentary pairings:

For clients looking for that immediate Facelift effect:

Katrine Marso’s EclatLift Treatment paired with the Siberian Tensor

The EclatLift Treatment provides an instant facelift, nonwasheable effect and was specifically designed for special occasions. The lifting and plumping effects are at it’s peak between 24 to 72 hours after the treatment. This is a great express treatment, only takes 30-45 minutes.

Pair this treatment with the Siberian Tensor Serum. The Siberian Tensor has exceptional tensing powers, illuminates your skins glow and instantly smoothes features and softens wrinkles. It promotes a perfect make-up base and has a lasting 12 hour face lift effect.


For clients looking to Brighten and Smooth tired eyes:

Seaflora Eye Treatment paired with Collection 22 Eye Masks.

This short 30 min eye specific treatment intensely hydrates and soothes the eye area. The high potency of vitamins firms and tones the skin leaving a visible difference for fine lines and wrinkles. A true refreshing experience for the eyes.

Pair this treatment with an easy at home eye treatment, Collection 22 Eye masks. Collection 22 Eye Masks come in a package of 5 and are meant to be used in a series of treatments over two weeks. The Eye Masks were formulated specifically for the delicate eye area and provides a brightening effect to the skin.


For clients looking for Bright Skin and a Clear Complexion:

Katrine Marso Glycolic Treatment with Fruit Serum

Glycolic Acid is considered a full cosmetic asset, able to act on aging skin, wrinkles, acne, age spots and superficial scars. Katrine Marso’s Glycolic Acid’s are non-neutralized with a low pH allowing better efficiency and quicker results.

Pair this treatment with the Fruit Serum to continue the action of the AHA’s and brightening effect. The Fruit Serum contains five natural AHA extract complex and Hyaluronic Acid. This fruity complex stimulates cell regeneration and literally boosts skin metabolism, leaving skin revitalized and radiant.


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