What is Encapsulated Glycolic Acid?

Well, chemical peel season is upon us - just this last week we booked 8 demos and sold out of our Katrine Marso Glycolic Acid! There are so many options out there for chemical peels, but we know once you have tried the Katrine Marso peel you won’t think twice about going back!

The Glyco F1 and F1+ treatments are performed in the salon and include applying encapsulated glycolic acid complex. With a unique blend of lactic and citric acids, the treatment exfoliates the skins surface to allow direct penetration of the glycolic acid to stimulate cellular renewal.

The star ingredient in this care however, is encapsulated glycolic acid. This new technology of glycolic acid behaves differently than traditional glyolic acid - it stimulates skin cell renewal without inflammation, redness or discomfort. A smaller quantity of encapsulated glycolic acid is needed versus the traditional glycolic acid without losing its efficiency. The most impressive part about encapsulated glycolic molecule is it is time released. Meaning the effects of the treatment will be seen 24 hours, 72 hours and even 100 hours after the treatment.

Unlike other gycolic treatments, Katrine Marso Glyco F1 and F1+ protocols do not require the acid to be neutralized or removed. Instead, the glycolic acid is left to penetrate the skin and protected with a mask. This allows deep penetration of the glycolic acid and allows the encapsulated glycol to stimulate over time.

Benefits of Katrine Marso Glyco F1 and F1+ Treatments
  • Eliminates dead cells that accumulate on the skin
  • Stimulates cellular renewal. When these impurities are disappeared, a new healthy layer of the skin appears.
  • Reduces the adhesion of corneocytes (dead cells)
  • Reduces desquamation
  • High tolerance resurfacing action
  • Fights against aging signs
  • Brings a new brightness and glowing to complexion
  • Controlled progressive renovation for more sensitive skins

We are offering complimentary demos and 15% off the Entire Treatment Protocol in the month of April & May.

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