Professional Skincare vs. Over the Counter Skincare

Being in the beauty industry, and specializing in professional skincare, I'm often asked "is professional skincare REALLY different from over the counter?" "Does professional skincare ACTUALLY work better than the skincare found at drug stores?" And in short, yes - professional skincare is far better and advanced than over the counter skincare and here is why:

- professional skincare is made in small batches. This ensures freshness and consistency from batch to batch. This means the cream you bought 3 months ago and the cream you bought today will have the same effect.

- Have a higher percentage of active ingredients. A professional product and over the counter product may have the same exact ingredients, but that doesn't mean they are equal. The professional product will be more packed with active ingredients.

- Professional skincare ingredients are developed with smaller molecules. This allows the product to penetrate in our skin rather than sit on the top layer.

- Professional skincare put a lot of money into education while OTC invest in marketing. Professional skincare companies invest their time into estheticians and educate them.

- You will be recommended products from a knowledgeable esthetician who not only knows the product but also dedicated their life to the skin.

- You use less product. Yes, the products are generally more expensive but you really do use less product. A little goes a long way with professional products. So you end up spending the same or less than OTC.

- Professional skincare longer. Because you use less product, a jar or tube of face moisturizer should last between 3-4 months.

If you truly want to change the appearance of your skin, throw out the OTC products you have and invest in professional products recommended by a certified esthetician.

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